PL Nice Future

Providing the best camp experience 

PL Nice Future

Providing the best camp experience 

PL Nice Future SDN. BHD

Located at Johor Bahru Malaysia, PL Nice Future aims to provide excellent service, While ensuring the quality of teaching and guiding the future generations towards global competitiveness. 

Geumsan Camp 2019

What's New

“Joining PL Nice Future Camps is not just an educational journey; it’s also a glimpse of how fun and exciting learning can be. Our camps are designed to foster creativity, innovation, and a passion for learning in a vibrant and engaging environment. With a dynamic curriculum that combines language skills, robotics, and cutting-edge technology, students get the unique opportunity to explore, experiment, and pioneer the future while making lifelong friendships. At PL Nice Future Camps, we believe that education should be an adventure, and we’re dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience that inspires young minds to reach for the stars.”

Our Staff

Our staff at PL Nice Future comprises a diverse team from various backgrounds, including Malaysians, Chinese Malays, Singaporeans, Indians, Filipinos, Americans, Canadians, and Britons. This diversity enriches our programs and creates a global learning experience for our students.

Our Program

Our program is a perfect blend of both fun and learning, striking a harmonious balance that ensures students not only gain knowledge but also enjoy every moment of their educational journey.


PL Nice Future has chosen Pulai Springs Resort in Johor Bahru for its serene yet accessible location. Situated amidst nature, it offers an ideal environment for learning while being just a short distance from the city center for leisure activities. Plus, its proximity to Singapore and Legoland Malaysia adds an extra layer of excitement to our programs.

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From a small company to a world class corporation, We has endured the test of time through the hurdles of the economy that has a big impact on the IT Industry. Our dream and vision is continuously getting bigger.
Our goal is to make your lives nice and easy with technology.

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Strategic Planning and Software Development
a careful assessment of the problem, and a precise plan for solutions.

Customer Integration
Assisting and training the customer for handling their special software.

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You can reach us at:
Tel +82-2-3446-2153
Fax +82-2-3447-2153
Mobile +82-10-5104

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